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Creative Suggestions

Future Coaching for Young Women

Creative Suggestions Workbook Cover for
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Creative Suggestions Future Coaching for Women
Guidebook for adult women who are looking for the next step in creating intentional lives.

This workbook helps young women to reflect on who they are and how they see their ideal life. 

Once the Guide Book is completed, there is an option to email it to me to purchase a personalised assessment and 'creative suggestions'.

Creative Suggestions Guide Book

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I often felt stuck when I was younger. It takes a long time to learn about ourselves and to come to understand what is important to us. For years I have acted as a supportive listening ear for my younger sisters, cousins, friends and work colleagues. It comes naturally to me to care deeply about how others are feeling, to want to help them to find their identities, to help them to see possibilities, and to help them to recognise their limitless potential. What a world this would be if more people were happy, confident and fulfilled.

Creative Suggestions Inspiration Cards

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