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Original Songs

'But I misread the signs and what my dreams had always told me, gone before my eyes.'

'I'm gonna take my life to a new kind of wonderful, you'll see,'

'No matter what I'm doing, no matter what I'm saying, there's only you and I in this game I'm playing.'

'And did you know pain can grow wings, and lead to things you'd never dream?'

Ánd you see the pain before it comes, along a road that's fraught and clever. It's always buried shallow, ever there, along a path that leads to never.'

'You know which turn you're taking, but it's taking you,'

'I believed in love when I saw you standing there, I didn't know a thing but saw the sun shining on your hair.'

'Long ago when I was a child, my heart was small, but my dreams were wild, and I saw your smile in the morning light, and the night.'

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