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What do you want? 



What do you want to do? 

Natural Model


What do you want to look like? 

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Who are you? 

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Where do you want to live? 

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Where do you want to go?

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My Self-Coaching system is research-based.

It draws from:

Confident Woman
Personality type theory
Fit Girl
Life coaching principles
Painting Eggs
Education and creativity theories
Applying Makeup
Image consultancy
Underlying Beliefs
Mysterious Girl

I Believe...

that identity matters

A strong sense of identity is important for young people. As we become older I believe that we should release some of our attachment to the identities we've created so that we can grow.

Woman Baking

I Believe...

we should focus on our strengths

This way we can build the confidence and self-belief that we need to live our happiest and most fulfilled lives. 

Stressed Woman

I Believe...

in inner wisdom

We must trust our intuition to guide us through life. Nobody else will be able to fully understand our innermost desires and dreams. 

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